May 2008: APS introduces BEMoS battery monitoring system

Is it wise to leave your battery health check to your scheduled maintenance visit? What happens if problems occur between the maintenance visits? weak or defective cells may go undetected resulting in an unplanned shutdown, or worse, a critical failure. The critical nature of battery systems demands that continuous monitoring is the only way to be 100% sure that your battery backup will provide the power when you need it. Predictive analysis ensures your mission critical systems are protested.

APS introduces the Battery Enterprise Monitoring System (BEMoS). An affordable, state-of-the-art battery monitoring system developed to provide continuous, real-time battery monitoring for UPS, telecommunication & utilities systems. Monitoring of string and cell level voltage, internal resistance, current and temperature enables constant evaluation of battery health and alarm presets can alert the user before a situation becomes critical. The BEMoS can be monitored remotely reducing the need for continual, expensive site visits.

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